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The Mission

The goal of FutureDemos is to normalize everyday participation in democratic processes. Democracy will be fully inclusive and effective when elections reflect ongoing participation, rather than merely serving as rare and highly manipulated moments of permitted public engagement. New technologies and modes of social communication make such a change possible, but to date they primarily serve the vested interests of professional politicians and commercial mass media.    

FutureDemos uses national level elections in self-proclaimed democracies to become connective tissue for movements and organizations that target wider and more effective public engagement, especially amongst young people and minorities. We encourage and support the active participation in elections and social movements of groups ignored by the mainstream media‚Äôs analysis of politics and democratic processes. Our aim is to combine the radical nature of gonzo journalism with the immediacy of social media to provide a platform for these voices to be heard via the technologies and mediums of communication they use everyday.

To this end, we invite anyone with a smartphone or similar device to join the public CitizenEyes2017 Facebook Group, then upload short videos (up to 2 minutes duration) through which they share their impressions, analysis, or documentation of events they have witnessed or participated in. The caveat is that these contributions speak directly to and/or advance the cause of everyday participation in democratic processes, including elections.

FutureDemos also connects similar grassroots initiatives. View the NETWORK to access websites and videos like these from the LSE Gov Blog